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Continuous Delivery. Minimal costs. Higher productivity. Increased efficiencies.

Work With DevOps. Break Down Organisational Silos & Generate Synergies

Agile DevOps Services

We design, deploy and optimise custom DevOps solutions for businesses – from startups to enterprises.

Service Delivery Acceleration

Business 4.0 Strategy Optimisation

Top-notch proprietary DevOps solutions and transformational tools

Infrastructure, coding & test management

Integrating development, operations and business teams for higher capabilities


Manage The 4 C’s Of DevOps. With Teksmobile.

Move beyond outdated, project-based app implementations. Work with our team to usher in the much more efficient continuous delivery system of DevOps. We help you optimise all the 4 C’s of DevOps solutions – Continuous Process (CP), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Response (CR).

In the intensely competitive and ever-evolving world of technology, the importance of being able to roll out new business capabilities on an ongoing basis is immense. Teksmobile offers seamless development options across cloud platforms, optimises delivery pipelines and opens up new opportunities for rapid application onboarding.

Our DevOps team makes use of state-of-the-art lightweight DevOps architecture and cutting-edge automated tests – to ensure that the best digital solutions are delivered to you. Our agile and mobile-first solutions are primed to replace your legacy systems, and take your ROI figures several notches higher.

DevOps Services

What We Offer?

DevOps Strategy

Our custom DevOps strategies are designed on the basis of careful research, feasibility analysis, and close collaboration with clients. The benefits of continuous delivery of services are highlighted by our experts.

DevOps Estimation

A detailed audit of your existing IT/operational infrastructure is conducted to identify the required DevOps solutions and weed out systems that are redundant. The automation action points are outlined in our DevOps report.

DevOps Infrastructure

Infrastructure provisioning is prompt, customised and fully automated, for all our DevOps solutions. All resources and business applications are tracked on a real-time basis, so that you get the best DevOps experience.

DevOps Automation

Teksmobile regularly works with a series of powerful open-source and licensed software tools and libraries - to create and automate delivery pipelines. The risk-factors of different deployment methods are assessed, and the most suitable one is selected.

DevOps Security

Apart from ensuring more prompt service delivery, our team also makes the solutions risk-averse and more resilient. We follow an iterative and incremental development procedure, so that DevOps can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

DevOps Optimisation

Teksmobile presents 360° Devops management services for you. Right from replica environments, release management and configuring new server(s), to seamless change management and maintaining continuous delivery - we stay with you at every stage.

Brought To You By Teksmobile

Agile, Customised DevOps Services


  • Research-backed software innovation

  • Bespoke DevOps services

  • DevOps consultation & RAD workshops

  • Best-in-class continuous delivery


  • Higher throughput rates

  • Greater availability & operational resilience.

  • Prompt and holistic DevOps risk management

  • Accelerated service delivery


  • Prompt disaster recovery

  • Secure log management (centralised)

  • Single-click deployments

  • Performance & functionality optimisation

End-to-end DevOps Service

  • Build management

  • Source code management

  • Seamless continuous integration and delivery

  • Smooth configuration & deployment

Powerful Customisations

  • DevOps implementations

  • CloudOps implementations

  • Faster time-to-market

  • On-demand cloud workload management

Ease of usage

  • Enhanced scalability

  • Cloud adoption leveraging

  • Robust infrastructure security

  • Greater client-satisfaction

Digital Services That add Value

Use Our DevOps Solutions. Transform Your Business.

Wealth of DevOps Experience

Teksmobile has been delivering custom DevOps solutions to enterprises and startups for more than 5 years. Our team of data scientists, DevOps engineers, IT strategists and continuous deliver experts are committed to design the best DevOps services for you.

DevOps For Everyone

From the myriad requirements of large-scale enterprises, to the specific software/operational needs of customer-facing companies, we create cutting-edge DevOps services for all customers. With continuous evolution, new business opportunities open up.

Business Agility. The Next Level.

Our DevOps services are geared to make your business processes more efficient, more agile and more rewarding than ever before. We work with all the latest service automation tools and technologies to deliver optimal value for money.

DevOps For All Industries

Cross-industry DevOps Solutions

  • Automotive

  • Property Development & Building Management

  • Retail & Supply Chain

  • Software & IT

  • Network Architecture

  • Utilities

  • Banking

  • Hospitality

  • Medical & Healthcare

  • Inventory Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Insurance

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