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Cross-Platform Flutter Development Redefined

Our array of Flutter applications have found praise and commendation from all quarters in the smartphone industry. Hire our devs now!

Fully Functional Smart Apps

Compatibility Across Platforms

Single Codebase Management

Real-time Testing

Faster Upgrades


Get the Best of Both Worlds. Flutter Your Way To the Top.

Flutter is Google’s gift to app developers and their clients alike. Native app development is going to become a thing of the past. Why develop an app separately for iOS and Android when you can build them on one framework, with one codebase?

Our Flutter developers take your app project to a successful completion so that you can start winning hearts on the Play Store and the App Store. Reach a wider audience with your app which is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. 

Are you not sure about how to proceed with your app’s development? Our devs will advise you. Let them know what you’re thinking and the future you want for your app. Experts at Teks will then guide you so that your cross-platform app realises its full potential.

Choose Flutter. Choose Us.

Uncountable Benefits Await You At Teksmobile

Cross-Platform Experts

We are a proud pack of creators who have led the transition in the app market for so many years that it has become a habit. Cross-platforming might be relatively new, but adapting and getting proficient with new things is one of the many skills our coders possess.

Open Talks

Doubts and unanswered questions might bog you down. We don’t let that happen. From the start, we strive to establish an open and frank discussion regarding your budget, plans, and goals. More importantly, we try to stick to your way as much as possible. 

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Your intellectual property is safe in our hands. Our developers have handled hundreds of projects and have earned the trust of clients from all over the planet. It’s your app and it will be that way for as long it exists. We’ll handle all the legal norms to ensure there are no loopholes.

Focus on Performance

One area where native development narrowly gains the edge over cross-platform app development is performance. However, there are tweaks and modifications that make a Flutter app work almost like a native app. We don’t compromise with performance.

Reasonable Deadlines

Hurrying too much reduces quality. Going too slow raises costs. Therefore, before we begin working on your app, we estimate a reasonable deadline. The goal is always to deliver the product to you before that date.

Apps for Every Budget

Given that you have a realistic budget, we do our best to provide you with the best service without stretching your pockets beyond what is fair. With cross-platform development on Flutter, you have a great opportunity to save a lot of time and resources.

Compatible Apps Maximise Returns

How We Help You Succeed

Stage 1: Listening With Intent

  • Analysing your app idea

  • Learning your goals

  • Creating a basic structure

  • The first draft of your app

Stage 2: Design and Flow

  • Further edits recommended by you

  • Compatibility on iOS and Android

  • Making modifications

  • UI designing for app.

Stage 3: Codebase and Development

  • Flutter programming initiates

  • Sticking to decisions

  • Revising as required

  • Honouring your requests

Stage 4: Squashing bugs

  • Testers get busy

  • Bugs on various Android and iOS devices

  • Devs fix them spontaneously

  • You get to test it too

Stage 5: The Big Day

  • Submission to Play Store and App Store

  • Tracking progress of approval

  • Uploading to your server (optional)

  • Ready for download and fame!

Stage 6: We Stay With You

  • Staying on top of user reviews

  • Staying to kickstart promotions

  • Staying for more bug fixing

  • Staying and upgrading

Make the Most of Your App

Hire Our Flutter Developers For Superb Results

We Bring You Solutions To Skyrocket That Graph

Teksmobile has been around for around 15 years now. The first apps we built have become museum showpieces now. Many of our early competitors met the same fate. Not us. We have hustled with our clients and have kept our ship up and sailing faster than it ever has.

A Crew That Cares For Your Success

You will meet developers who care for their own name appearing on as many apps as possible without regard to what happens with their clients. Teksmobile has an unspoken policy to put our clients’ needs first. We will advise and guide you instead of developing just for the sake of it.

Long Term Support

Once we shake hands on that deal, you don’t have to worry about the problems of the future. Not that there won’t be any, but we promise to be at your side to help you out of them. At Teksmobile, we rank loyalty quite high. Nothing would get done without it anyway.

Mobile Apps For All Industries

Mobile App Solutions For Your Business

  • Travel

  • B2B Events

  • Lifestyle

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • On-demand services

  • Healthcare

  • Photography

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Social Networking

  • Shopping & eCommerce

  • Lifestyle

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