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Top 8 Productivity Tools we use at Teksmobile

Top 8 Productivity Tools we use at Teksmobile

At Teks we are 99.99% Mac fans. Here are some productivity apps / tools…

Teksmobile November 17, 2021

The Rise Of Empathetic Technology: All You Need To Know

    The entertainment industry has produced more movies than you know about robots….

Hussain Fakhruddin April 15, 2019

Busted! Finding The Truth Behind The Top 14 Smart Agriculture Myths

    Over the next three decades, global food demand levels will rise by…

Hussain Fakhruddin March 27, 2018

How to expedite a review in App Store?

Follow these simple steps to expedite a review in App Store: 1. Login with…

Hussain Fakhruddin February 18, 2014

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Mobile App Development Platform

Several important factors have to be taken into account, to determine which of the…

Hussain Fakhruddin December 30, 2013

Knowing the difference: Wireframes, Prototypes & Mock-ups

  A design of high quality, a graphical representation of the app’s functionality, is…

Hussain Fakhruddin November 19, 2013

UI and UX Principles: What to keep in mind while developing UI and UX?

Interfaces exist to enable interaction between humans and our world. They can help clarify,…

Hussain Fakhruddin November 18, 2013


     “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” – Roger Miller’s…

Hussain Fakhruddin November 7, 2013

How To Create Client ID and Secret For PayPal

For all payments to be made via PayPal, you would require a Client ID…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 29, 2013

How To Understand Your Client’s Demands

If business relationships have to work, clients have to like you. If they feel…

Hussain Fakhruddin October 28, 2013